This is our rulebook, please make sure its understandment before registering for our competitions.


a. The Spanish Throwdwon (SPTH) is a fitness festival held on the second weekend of September in Madrid, there are three events that celebrate the same day (Spanish Throwdown, Face to Face, Spanish Kids) and an extraordinary (Spanish Challenger) with the objective of promoting the values of sport, respect for others and fair play. SPTH and its different events, consist of the stages: Online phase and face-to-face phase. Within the general denomination of SPTH several sports modalities are included with a common philosophy, being the most widespread known as "functional training" "weight lifting" and "CrossFit".

Both in the SPTH, as in the F2F, SPK, SPC, the organization, can establish pleasant and incentive alternatives, having organized several things limitless as the imagination of the athletes.

The SPTH Competition Organization Committee may, if the circumstances of the momento required it, make appropriate modifications when there is a major force situation, another circumstances that have occurred and beyond the control of our will that, in its sole discretion makes it compulsory,convenient and necessary, without participants having the right to request any kind of refund or reduction of registration fees. Likewise, the right of admission is reserved. The organization may agree on the suspension of any wod, on a temporary or definitive enphasis, when the circumstances beyond the will and control of the organization or measures that affect safety in general or the freedom of walking of people. In case of definitive suspension, the participants do not have the right to the refund of the registration fees, but preference in the allocation of seats of the next edition if they re-enroll.


Spanish Throwdown is the way in which the participant has made a number of physical tests, lifts, skills in the shortest possible time or with the highest number of repetitions, or greater weight.

The main consideration of the organization of SPTH eventwill be based on sportsmanship, impartiality and correct interpretation of the rules. The organization has no control of these, so it is necessary between the values of the athletes, prioritize the "fair play", can not be seen by the organization the consumption of any type of substance that is likely to adulterate the result or harm the health of athletes.


a. The SPTH athlete, (either as an individual or as part of a team) must accept all rules and policies, which include, among others, the assumption of risks and the authorization of. The mere fact of enrolling in this event implies the acceptance of these regulations and the waiver of all rights against the co-organizers, waiving any legal action that may arise from their participation in the event.

b. Unsportsmanlike conduct, such as to a judge or SPTH representative, teasing, exclamations or any (conduct) that may be considered to produce a description for SPTH or other competitors, spectators or sponsors of the event, may be grounds for sanction, suspension, disqualification of the event or future editions, as well as legal actions.

c. Athletes are responsible for the behavior of their coaches, teammates, team leaders, supporters and guests. If the behavior of a member of a group of people by an SPTH is unsportsmanlike or detrimental to the competition, the athlete will be held to point 2b.

d. Entering within the restricted or reserved area for athletes, crew, by one of those referred to in point 3.c, without the written authorization of the event director, may be a behavior understood as fault of respect and may lead to a penalty of the athlete or represented team , either by the athlete, coach, family member.

e. Photography and non-professional video are allowed without flash, all images during the event are property of SPTH.


a. Anyone who is able to perform the wods required, can try to register to compete as an athlete (individually or as a team). This registration is subject to the affirmative agreement of each athlete, in order to agree with the policies, rules and regulations of SPTH written in this regulation.

b. All athletes must qualify for face-to-face participation. However, SPTH reserves the right to invite past winners or deliver wild cards to the most competitive athletes or teams of Spanish Challenger, an event that takes place on December 31st.

c. SPTH reserves the right to change the classification conditions to the face-to-face phase, either by increasing or decreasing the number of contestants in the respective categories, until the day after the classification date, or for different reasons (computer error , organizational needs, security, or any other external cause, etc ...), approximately the athletes will be, 350 athletes distributed in the following way; 84 elite, (60M / 24F), 24-36 teams (2M / 1F), 60 scaled (36M / 24F), 36 masters (24M / 12F) master +40 (12M). 18-24 kids and 40 athletes approx Face to Face. In any case, it will be communicated to those who have the right to the final phase in September, by email that facilitates the organization in the online registration. The organization assumes that the interested party will be aware of this email.

d. The classified athletes who do not confirm their attendance in time and form, will lose the right to the final phase of September, taking their place the first athlete not classified in their category, and so on until the place is filled.

e. All athletes must register and complete "Athlete Profile". The "Profile of the athlete" will be the main channel for the athlete to receive the relevant notifications from the SPTH and it is the sole responsibility of the athlete to provide correct information, including an email address.

f. Athletes must be at least 16 years old at the time of creating an account on the SPTH website to register online and compete. If athletes are under 18 years of age, they must provide the parental consent and ID of the additional guardian during online registration, which will be facilitated by the organization. The age for kids is from 13 to 15 years old included.

g.There are several divisions for the individual competitors and a division for the teams, and new divisions can be included throughout the classification, until one day after the final leaderboard list.

h.The results of the online WODs will be reviewed when the deadline for submitting the video of the last online wod ends. That is why the results are provisional, until the list of finalists classified for the present phase becomes final, and there may be variations in the scores. The resolution of the final date or list will be published on the SPTH website or its networks.

i. It is the responsibility of the athlete to review the classification during the period of review of videos by the judges, because the classification presents changes during this phase that may vary the position of the athlete.

j. Those selected for the present phase will receive an email, this email confirming attendance, they must confirm or decline in case of not being able to attend, the confirmation is made by buying a ticket for an established symbolic price of 40€ intended for the athlete (athlete insurance, athlete team, etc.).

k. In case of not covering a category in the present phase, will fill in the first places of the athletes classified in the lower category.


a. The teams will be composed of three athletes, (2) men and (1) women or (2) women and (1) men who validly register, may be different box or different country (however the online wods, they must record together).

b. Registration fees are as follows: Individual registration € 20, Registration team (2M and 1F or 2F and 1F) € 60, Face to Face registration 15€, confirmation kids € 20. The organization reserves the right to increase the price of the registration in the last week of registration to avoid collapses in the last minute.

c. All registration payments are final. Refunds or transfers will not be allowed, regardless of the reason (injury, illness, change of work or category schedule, category mistake, etc.).

d. SPTH. is not responsible for inaccurate entry information, whether caused by users or by any of the equipment or programs associated with SPTH.

e. SPTH reserves the right to cancel suspicious registrations or presentations and / or cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the SPTH.

f. In no case SPTH, will be responsible for any damage or loss of objects during the event.

g. When you sign up, you give your consent to SPTH to automatically treat your personal data exclusively for sports, promotional or commercial purposes. In accordance with what is established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the participant has the right to rectify or cancel it in full. To do so, SPTH must be requested in writing. C / Ronda de Valdecarrizo, 11, 28760 Madrid, the registered expressly and without limit authorize the advertising use of photos, videos and any other type of photographic or audiovisual material that may be included, without expecting any compensation for this concept.

h. The championship has all the licenses and permits, as well as its Civil Liability insurance for sporting events with public, the athlete will have an accident insurance during the event.

6. PROCEDURES Standard competition

a. SPTH determines the winner by the lowest number of points, in case of choice of position or line during the competition, the athlete with the fewest points will have priority. As for the classification in case of tie points, tie the position of the last WOD, so on until the tie-break of athletes. Some wods may have time penalties or direct elimination for the next wod. There may be direct classification wods for the next phase of the championship, regardless of the position, scaled positions. The framework of the SPTH championship format will be announced in the briefing. In the event of a tie in the partner pack for the total number of participants in the spth, the club that has the most athletes registered in the Rx category, teams, masters, scaled.

b. If an athlete does not advance to the next session, wod or phase of exercises for any reason ( injury, disqualification, etc.), the athlete that is positioned below may be classified.

c. The physical limitations on the range of motion by physical defect or temporary injury should be shown to the judges as well as the execution of any questionable or unusual movement.

d. Once an athlete enters the surface of the competition, they can not receive any external materials (water, tape, chalk, etc.) from spectators or coaches.


a. The weight of the bar was never let down, since the previous election.

b. There are no straps.

c. Weight minimum to raise of the total, 5kg.

d. The movements must be executed in their entirety within the established time.

e. The Final Round, the score starts at 0.


The prizes will be paid between 30 and 60 days after the end of the event, in case any possible claim could advance. It will be obligatory to get on the podium, finish the race or be competitive to be eligible for the cash prize.

a. In case of personal absence, from the finalists to the final ceremony and rise to the podium, said athlete will lose the right to the delivery of the prizes in cash and as to the pack of the established brands. Having only the right to the trophy.

b.In the event that the athlete takes advantage of the podium for any claim not agreed with the organization, cover advertising, sponsor of the organization or part of the podium, will be cause for loss of the right to the delivery of prizes in metal as well as the pack of established brands . Being able to be sanctioned with the non-participation of future editions.

8. PROCEDURES Face to Face (Weigthlifting competition)

a. The Sinclair coefficients will be used to rate the positions of the f2f as a general rule, and the organization can establish a different one, so the athletes must show their body weight and execute a series of movements or combinations of these in a given time. (Eg 2RM snatch, snatch clear and perk, etc ...)

b. After two rounds will qualify approximately four athletes for the semifinals and the final will be a face to face among the athletes with better scores according to the Sinclair formula.


All claims must be formulated in written and signed by the participating athlete exclusively, the claims must be delivered to the Technical Jury in the following terms.

  • Violation of the regulation by the Organization or any of the competitors: up to half an hour after its release.
  • Against the results of provisional or final lists: up to one hour after publication.

All athletes, coaches, organizers, delegates, etc ... who participate in the SPTH must have a high sense of justice, sportsmanship, camaraderie and honesty.

It is absolutely forbidden to obtain any type of help and information related to the development of the test before the rest of the participating athletes.

The organization reserves through judges the ability to penalize athletes or disqualify them, if the videos presented in the online phase, the requirements are not accepted or present the subjective attitude of deceiving the organization.

Any type of substance considered doping is prohibited. (IOF).

Failure to comply with the rules of the competition will result in the disqualification of the offender.