You are going to participate in the Spanish Throwdown Fitness Festival so we understand that all of you have a good CrossFit level.

Due to our experience we know that many of you register yourself in scaled when you actually are Rx. Thats why we have openned this edittion Rx category, to recibe the athletes that are neither scaled nor elite.

We want to explain you wich are the diferences between Scaled, Rx and Elite for you to know which categorie you belong to

Scaled: If you are a scaled athlete you will complete less wods, with lower weights and with easier movements, like single unders.

RX: The weights are not going to be very heavy apart of the movements complexity and you will participate in less wods than in Elite.

Elite: You will complete more wods with hevier weights.

In case that you dont fill all the vacancies of the categories, we will fill them with the first classifieds of the previous categories. In this way we want to make sure that the inequality is the least possible in each category and increase the chances of qualifying.




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