News in the V Edition of Spanish Throwdown, where in the previous edition the most international athletes of CrossFit and Weightlifting represented more than 35 different nationalities, and where it is expected that this 2019 edition the most international festival of fitness held in Spain will be even more recognized. That is why the Spanish organization adds 4 new categories (2 elite, 1 master +45, and 1 Teen child) and adds a new standard with the aim of being fairer in the classifications and that we explain below. The athlete is registered in the category he considers to be (Elite, Rx, Scaled), although, in the event that at the end of the online classification and the move to the present phase, a category has been left with seats for the present phase and not completed with athletes, that category will be filled with the first classified in the previous category. That is, two new developments will find in the V edition of Spanish Throwdown, 4 new categories with the aim of making this more accessible to athletes, being a more inclusive festival and a new classification system in the online phase, for categories with little demand, covering with the seeds of series of the inferior categories.





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