Spanish Challenger (SPC), is not just an opportunity to participate in Spanish Throwdown 2019 (SPTH) under the lights of Madrid. It is also an opportunity to end the year doing what we like most, last wod !, on an epic day, together with your closest friends, celebrating fitness, community and life!

In 2016 we got together to celebrate the first fitness event on the last day of the year and also reward the athletes with a Wild Card for the next edition of the Spanish Throwdown, some athletes and gym owners of CrossFit approached to compete, however we could hardly gather 18 athletes.

In just 2 years the Spanish Challenger has aroused the interest of CrossFit athletes, having in 2018 about 200 applications to participate in this the III edition of Spanish Challenger, of these we have selected 40 athletes to invite them on the last day of the year in a singular event.

How do I qualify for the Spanish Challenger?

The first thing you must do is fill out the form on our website in the challenger section, then we make a relationship with your last competition or competitions, selecting the possible participants (no matter what category), once elected we prepare the heats and send an email invitation, every ten calendar days, we cancel the athletes who have not confirmed declining these places to the following athletes in the list.

The third edition of the Spanish Challenger has three or four elimination wods, under the same premises as the SPTH. Taking place in Madrid, starting around 08:00 hours and ending around 1:00 pm. The first two wods involved 40 athletes, 18 in the third wod and 8 in the final.

Who wins the Wild Card for Spanish Throwdwon?

Many think that the Spanish Throwdown Wild Card is won by the Challenger athlete, but it is not, the Wild Card of the Spanish is for the most combative athlete according to the organization, that way it is possible that an athlete of any category can win it.

In a few days we will announce the venue of the III edition of the Spanish Challenger, although during the last editions it was held in the Spanish Throwdown room, which is next to the CrossFit Vallecas box.

Approximate timetable 31.12.2018

  • 08’00 - 08’30 Athletes' Briefing

40 classified

  • 09’00 – 10’00 Wod I Women
  • 10’10 –11’10 Wod I Men
  • 11’15 - 11’25 Wod 2 Women
  • 11’30 - 12’10 Wod 2 Men

-18 classified-

  • 12’20 – 12’30 Wod 3 Women
  • 12’35 - 12’55 Wod 3 Men

-8 ranked-

  • 13’00 – 13’10 Wod 4 Women
  • 13’15 – 13’25 Wod 4 Men

13’30 Awards Ceremony




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