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In according to the health alert COVID-19 and due to the fact of possible health restrictions by the Spanish Ministry of Health, the structure of the Spanish Throwdown will be modified for the VI edition, however up to now the date will remain unchanged. Therefore, some new features will be added, which we will tell you about in the following text:

The most important novelty is that there will be no discrimination in the categories, for example, athletes from different categories will compete in only one category. As a result, only the 40 best male athletes and 16 best female athletes will be classified (assimilating the Spanish Challenger on December 31st), making the event extreme and adding some novelty, with the peculiarity of the weather conditions that can occur that day, whether it is extreme cold, rain or extreme heat as other years, an important factor in the athletes' performance and their adaptation to the environment, becoming one of the most extreme events in which the strongest athletes of CrossFit participate. In addition, another novelty is that the event will last one day and not 3 as it has been until now.

Moreover, in the VI edition we will change the placement, carrying out the event in a particularly natural environment, moving away from the city, understanding that the natural environment can be more uncomfortable for the CrossFit athletes, making this fitness test more extreme and different. At first Spanish Throwdown will work with the same sponsors as in previous years, although everything is open for the moment.

Always under the forecast that for reasons of health alert they allow us to celebrate it on the scheduled date, if not, the date will be postponed for the classifieds, and consequently,

If cannot attend the new daye they will be entitled to a refund, declining their place to the next classified athlete.

Date VI Spanish Throwdown 11th September 2020




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