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We have met a new Health and Wellness Center, closely linked to CrossFit and called FMF SPORT CLINIC.

It is an Authorized Health Center specialized in Physiotherapy, Medicine and Sports Nutrition.
This centre is characterised by the fact that it offers its clients the following services
and a unique, decisive and truthful treatment.

We know that people today are looking for results, efficiency and speed, which is why we are interested in centers that are at the forefront of the
technology in terms of techniques and diagnostics, thus we receive a
fair and professional treatment, as it should be!!!!

In FMF SPORT CLINIC are specialists in sports injuries, optimization of performance and health, a place where thanks to a multidisciplinary team,
will offer you a wide range of treatments and diagnostic methods.

Did you know that recovery from pain in an injury is determined by the right choice of treatment?

In this clinic you will be given an image diagnosis, personalized clinical tests, genetic tests with genome sequencing, complete body analysis, regenerative interventional therapies and pain therapy, Advanced Functional Nutrition and Performance Enhancement Programs.

We will say that this team will be the official team of physicists in the Spanish Throwdown, so you can ask for advice and inform yourself personally, but we already tell you that they are such a great team and they are up to date.

We leave you their website, Moreover remember that you can book your therapy for the same day of the event at a very fair price.




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