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We have found one of the best body composition analyzers in the field of BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) with its innovative technology, providing a 98% correlation with standard methods such as DEXA and we will take it to the Spanish Throwdown for you to try it for free.


These analyzers provide a deep insight into the athlete's body composition. Beyond simple fat analysis, they provide a full range of parameters, including Lean Mass and Body Fat results for each segment, water balance and metabolic indicators such as the Basal Metabolic Rate.


Using the report of results and the wealth of data it offers, members are involved in exercise programs, focusing on changes in body composition, not body weight.



Clinically validated and medically accepted, this analyzer offers us the resources that the sports center needs to provide the quality of care that its members require and, above all, its athletes.


Direct segmental measurement: its patented Multi-Frequency Direct Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA) to measure the body in five cylinders: the trunk and the four extremities.

Multi-frequency measurement: The use of multiple frequencies allows intracellular and extracellular water to be accurately measured.

No empirical estimates

Only 100% of the impedance data is used. The unique use of the impedance directly acquired from each subject, will provide personalized and accurate results.

 - 8-point tactile electrode system

 The 8-point tactile electrode system, with patented thumb electrodes, allows the starting point of the measurement to be fixed, which increases the accuracy and reproducibility of the results.

DEXA correlation studies: Technology tested and validated following the scientific standard in body measurement (DEXA), showing a correlation of 98%.



It is a powerful working tool that will help our boxing partners to achieve their goals and discover significant changes in their body composition, but above all, to think about their health in a new way, being able to set more specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and effective goals.

Excellent tool for attracting and retaining associates

- Not only does it support membership recruitment work from the initial assessment, with the establishment of a personalized goal plan, what is more, it will help athletes and members to commit to and trust the boxing programs, which makes you work in a clear direction.


6 reasons to purchase an Inbody Biompedance Analyzer :


1 - With this analyzer Inbody you will have objective data of corporal composition and the nutritional state of the sportsman for a professional follow-up of the training objectives plan.

2 - You can know the state of hydration of the athlete (hyperhydration or dehydration), a determining factor for the performance of their wods.

3-Evidence the increase in muscle mass and loss of fat mass.

4-Detects low levels of muscle mass or excess fat in any limb.

5-Proposes clear objectives of localized fat loss.

6- You will be able to control the evolution of all parameters measured over time.


Where can you find the best biomedance analyzer?

It's very simple, in the best Fitness Festival, come and try it in September in la Ciudad de la Raqueta in the Spanish Throwdown or in this web link.




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