The greates spanish fitness festival deserves the biggest prices. Take part in the sapnish challenger and win unbeliavable prices from our partners, as well as a place to compete in SPTH Madrid.


introduccion Spanish Challenger

It’s an invitational tournament to celebrate our community, the last day of the year, with 3 editions, it is already considered like the crossfit san silvestre, doesn’t required a qualification video, you just need to submit the form, applying for your paticipation with your most important competition and your position in the leaderboard.

Once your form is submitted, we will contact you if you are selected to confirm assistance. Spanish organization crew select 12 female and 32 male athletes. Participants could win a wild card to the spanish throwdown, which means a direct bypass for the next edition of Fitness fetival Madrid, without a qualifying process. Last challenge! Last WOD!

When? September 31th 2019.

Registration ends 6th September 2019

Registration price until June 9th: 10€

The video or the previous classification is not necessary.

Check HERE the rulebook of the Spanish throwdown